A Game of Epic Proportions

There was no post-game presentation of a gleaming trophy—and not a single piece of confetti raining down as thousands of fans cheered jubilantly from the stands—when the first national championship was awarded in college football. In fact, the title was bestowed retroactively, 66 years later, as both Princeton and Rutgers were deemed co-champions of the 1869 season.

Granted, those were the only two participants in what is considered the first season of intercollegiate play. And, they only competed in a couple of games, splitting the victories in rugby-like rules contests that one Rutgers player described as “replete with surprise, strategy, prodigies of determination and physical prowess” (sounds familiar, huh?).

From those humble, yet promising, beginnings, the great sport of college football was born. And we’re all the better for it!

Now, fast forward to 2014, and we’re about to embark on yet another historic season. On any given Saturday this fall, approximately 126 Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) teams will compete for the opportunity to advance to the inaugural College Football Playoff (CFP), a four-team, bracket-style format that will be contested in the Rose and Sugar Bowls on New Year’s Day. The winners will then advance to the title game at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, on January 12, 2015.

Approximately 145 years after college football officially kicked off, its champion will be crowned amidst great fanfare … and on one of America’s grandest sports stages. Since it opened its gates in 2009, AT&T Stadium has hosted a Super Bowl, NBA’s All-Star Game and, most recently in April, the NCAA Men’s Final Four. Nine months later, all eyes will be on this brightly shining, $1.2 billion venue as it claims its place in history as the site of the inaugural College Football Playoff National Championship.

At Dallas Fan Fares, we’re already declaring: “It’s Gonna be Epic!” And there are several reasons why we’re leading the cheers for this game-changing event, including:

  • As college football fans. we’re excited to witness this new era of college football. And, with graduates of schools from practically every FBS conference on our staff, we’ll all be rooting for our respective teams as they begin their championship quests.
  • As a company, Dallas Fan Fares is proud of its designation as one of the “Official College Football Playoff Event Experience Providers” … and we’re here to put the emphasis on Experience. In every definition of the word.

Since 1980, our team of veterans has traveled the country (and several places abroad) to coordinate hospitality programs at practically every major sporting event. In January, as we help fans navigate their way to Texas to experience such a monumental event in the history of college football … well, we just can’t think of a better way to kick off Dallas Fan Fares’ 35th year in business!

So welcome to this new, and-oh-so-exciting, era in college football, and get ready for a celebration unlike any you’ve ever witnessed before. Like we said, it’s Gonna be Epic …