Re-Live History

With Inspired Events at the George W. Bush Presidential Center

With the recent opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Center, North Texas now has one more thing to boast about…and Dallas acquires one of the country’s premier museums! The Bush Presidential Center, founded by the Bush family and supported by some of the most elite executive donors across the country, is located on the Southern Methodist University campus and offers two distinct venues for corporate entertainment—The Bush Museum and The Bush Institute…

The Center can serve as an inspirational backdrop for corporate meetings and special events that are sure to be remembered for years to come. As guests enter the magnificent rotunda that features a video of the country’s most memorable moments in history, they will be captivated by the impressive display of gifts from dignitaries and royalty from around the world—a perfect setting to recognize valued customers or motivate top performance.

Proceeding to the Exhibit Hall, the Bush Family Legacy comes to life as guests can trace the origin and progression of the 43rd President’s life-changing decisions and the life’s path that history is sure to analyze, scrutinize and celebrate for years to come. From the moments leading up to 9/11 and the declaration of war to the heart-wrenching aftermath of Katrina, commentary is provided that walks guests through the minute-to-minute details surrounding some of this country’s most polarizing events in history.

While the visuals provided throughout the exhibit area tell a story of heroism, resilience and patriotism, guests are invited to occupy the seat of the highest office in the land as they enter an exact replica of the Oval Office—a photo opportunity that guests are sure to treasure. This experience is further enhanced as guests’ view archives of books and periodicals that highlight an Office that has earned the respect and admiration of countries from around the world.

George W. Bush Presidential Center

In an extended effort to preserve the sanctity of the Oval Office, President and Mrs. Bush founded The Bush Institute, a public policy center providing information and demonstrating principals that have shaped the lives of the Bush family in the public eye. The Institute was built with the mission of advancing freedom by sharing opportunities for individuals at home and across the globe while using leading research to develop and implement policies that offer practical solutions to pressing problems in the country and abroad. Engaging in Economic Growth, Education Reform, Global Health, Human Freedom, Military Service Initiative and Women’s Initiative, the Bushes have provided a remarkable opportunity here in Dallas to leave an imprint on the nation’s historical landscape, and North Texas is honored to serve as home to the George W. Bush Presidential Center. From the state-of-the-art auditorium to the magnificent views of the city from the banquet hall, a corporate event hosted at the Center will be remembered, and relived, for years to come…