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Hover over our team portraits to unmask our superhero identities!

Kaye Burkhardt


Burkhardt-Kaye-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Creative Dynamo

Creative Dynamo harnesses the power of imagination and innovation, leading her team with an electrifying energy that sparks groundbreaking ideas and pushes boundaries. Creative Dynamo's ability to transform ordinary concepts into extraordinary campaigns is nothing short of superhuman.


Jennifer Knebel

Executive Director of Operations, Meetings & Events

Knebel-Jennifer-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Innovation Illuminator

Innovation Illuminator is a beacon of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. With a mind that constantly generates groundbreaking ideas, Innovation Illuminator leads her team in pushing boundaries and exploring novel solutions that redefine industry norms and drive progress.


Karen Evans

Vice President of Financial Services

Evans-Karen-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Peaceful Reconciler

Peaceful Reconciler's mission is to bring clarity and guidance, whether managing people or financials. Committed to upholding company values, this tranquil reconciler balances the complexities of numbers and interpersonal dynamics with a steadfast dedication to fostering harmony.


Tiffany Shurts

Executive Director, Event Services & Technology

Shurts-Tiffany-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Catalyst Conductor

Catalyst Conductor is a maestro of change, whose power lies in identifying the pivotal moments when transformation is possible and orchestrates them into crescendos of positive change for the betterment of all. This superhero believes that any situation can be transformed into an opportunity for growth and improvement.


Ashley Dunaway

Executive Director of Operations, Meetings & Events

Dunaway-Ashley-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Strategist Supreme

Strategist Supreme is a master tactician, capable of crafting meticulous plans that guide teams to victory. With a mind that calculates every possible outcome, this superhero thrives in complex situations, navigating challenges with finesse and turning obstacles into opportunities.


Catlin Bowers

Director of Operations, Meetings & Events

Bowers-Catlin-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Zen Visionary

With a tranquil mind and a profound sense of purpose, Zen Visionary is the epitome of grace under pressure. This superhero fosters clarity, balance, and mindfulness, inspiring everyone to strive for greatness and reach their full potential. Zen Visionary's wisdom and vast experience is a guiding force that shapes the collective success of the team


Jill Belyea

Vice President of Sales

Belyea-Jill-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Rapid Responder

Armed with lightning-fast communication skills, Rapid Responder can provide instant solutions and answers to customer queries. Her ability to stay connected and address concerns promptly allows her to put out fires making her an essential asset to ensuring all client and suppliers are satisfied.


Emily Sager

Senior Director of Account Services

Sager-Emily-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Relationship Guardian

With an uncanny ability to build and maintain relationships, Relationship Guardian ensures that every client and attendee feels valued and appreciated. Her focus on customer satisfaction and nurturing long-term connections leads to both successful events and continued growth.


Annie Schacht

Senior Director of Account Services

Schacht-Annie-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Solution Sentinel

Solution Sentinel is equipped with an arsenal of problem-solving gadgets and a mind as sharp as a razor. She analyzes client needs with laser precision, tailoring solutions that not only meet expectations but exceed them, earning her a reputation as the ultimate problem-solver.


Christine Spradling

Contracts Manager

Spradling-Christine-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Empathy Enchanter

This superhero's power is empathy, and she uses it to truly understand employee, supplier, and client needs. Empathy Enchanter's genuine concern and active listening skills, along with their encyclopedic knowledge of legal jargon and negotiation skills, cultivates an environment of trust ensuring long-lasting relationships.


Dina Crossland

Senior Accounting Specialist

Crossland-Dina-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Number Ninja

A master of stability and precision, Number Ninja ensures that financial statements remain harmoniously aligned. With the power to adjust ledgers and reconcile accounts with a single thought, this superhero remains financially fierce and quick in the face of chaos.


Stephanie Schaeffer

Staff Logistics & Office Manager

Schaeffer-Stephanie-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Stress Buster

Stress Buster vigilantly ensures every operation runs seamlessly. With a toolkit of streamlined processes and time management prowess, she swoops in to eliminate bottlenecks, organize chaos, and maximize productivity. She possesses an extraordinary ability to keep calm under pressure and add a touch of humor to transform any stressful situation or project.


Julie Holley

Senior Program Manager

Holley-Julie-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Inspirational Dynamo

Inspirational Dynamo has an uncanny knack for motivating and uplifting her team. With boundless enthusiasm and an unwavering belief in her colleagues, Inspirational Dynamo boosts morale, fosters camaraderie, and creates a workplace culture that thrives on positivity and collaboration.


Kelly Teuschl

Senior Program Manager

Teuschl-Kelly-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Budget Guardian

With her impenetrable shield of fiscal responsibility, Budget Guardian can stretch a limited budget in ways that seem almost magical, creating impressive events while ensuring every dollar is allocated wisely. This superhero also possesses the power of negotiation, always securing the best deals and keeping the budget in check.


Kaitlyn Mannari

Program Manager

Mannari-Kaitlyn-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Crafty Quester

Armed with an unwavering commitment to resolving any dilemma, Crafty Quester swoops into chaotic situations, rapidly identifying root causes and implementing creative yet effective solutions. Her analytical prowess and quick thinking make her an essential ally in any managerial mission.


April Adams

Event Services

Adams-April-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Sonic Site

Sonic Site races through the digital domain at supersonic speeds, creating registration websites in the blink of an eye. With optimization as her superpower, this hero meets the tightest deadlines ensuring every attendee's experience is effortless.


Carol Armstrong

Director of Creative Services

Armstrong-Carol-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Infinite Imagination

Infinite Imagination has the gift of boundless creativity. Her mind knows no limits, and she can dream up designs that defy logic and reason. With a touch of whimsy and a dash of the extraordinary, Infinite Imagination crafts designs that leave a lasting impression.


Buddy Hamilton

Senior IT Manager

Hamilton-Buddy-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

DJ Laptop

Sworn to protect the digital realm, DJ Laptop is a superhero that knows stuff and fixes things, all while freestyling cheap poems and corny Dad Jokes. His mastery over technology allows him to thwart cyber threats and maintain a digital balance, ensuring the world remains interconnected and secure.


Jessica Murawski

Senior Program Manager

Murawski-Jessica-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Time Bender

Time Bender is a superhero with the unique ability to manage time like no other. Through expert scheduling, prioritization, and efficient time allocation, she ensures tasks are completed with maximum productivity, enabling teams to accomplish more in less time.


Cara Milson

Program Manager

Milson-Cara-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Luminary Mentor

Luminary Mentor harnesses her exceptional interpersonal skills to connect deeply with team members, understanding their needs, and providing unwavering support. With an empathetic heart and a meticulous attention to detail, Luminary Mentor curates events that exceed attendee expectations and leave glowing testimonials.


Hailee Schmidt

Assistant Program Manager

Schmidt-Hailee-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Resilient Ringmaster

Resilient Ringmaster thrives under pressure handling the most challenging situations with ease. Her unbreakable spirit and quick thinking turn potential disasters into triumphs. Whether managing a last-minute change of plans or navigating through unexpected obstacles, Resilient Ringmaster's resourcefulness makes her the ultimate problem-solver.


Emilee Wilburn

Assistant Program Manager

Wilburn-Emilee-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Taskmaster Titan

Taskmaster Titan possesses an uncanny ability to juggle multiple projects effortlessly. With an arsenal of organizational skills, she oversees every project's progression, from inception to completion. Taskmaster Titan's power lies in meticulous planning, delegation, and ensuring that every team member is on track, making her the ultimate orchestrator of success.


Sydney Barker

Program Coordinator

Baker-Sydney-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Rally Radiance

Rally Radiance emanates an aura of inspiration that boosts the morale and coordination of allies. Her presence ignites a fire within, granting enhanced teamwork, focus, and determination. Rally Radiance can redirect negative energy into positive momentum, ensuring everyone works harmoniously towards a common goal.


Karleigh Hartley

Program Coordinator

Hartley-Karleigh-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Compassion Crusader

Compassion Crusader is a superhero who leads with heart and compassion. With an intuitive understanding of team members' emotions and needs, she creates a supportive and inclusive atmosphere, ensuring everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute their best.


Briana Pascale

Program Coordinator

Pascale-Bri-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Serene Sentinel

Serene Sentinel embodies a remarkable sense of calmness and unwavering dedication to her work. With a serene demeanor, she approaches every task with a level-headedness that inspires confidence. Her ability to maintain a sense of peace amidst chaos serves as a beacon of stability, reminding others of the power of inner strength and resilience.


Heather Santos

Program Coordinator

Santos-Heather-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Adaptive Aviator

Adaptive Aviator soars above unforeseen challenges, adapting to any changes or emergencies with grace and precision. With a specialized toolkit and a calm demeanor, this superhero ensures that events stay on course, regardless of unexpected circumstances.


Lauren Serrano

Program Coordinator

Serrano-Lauren-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Posh Paragon

Posh Paragon is renowned for her impeccable taste and refined sense of style. She can transform ordinary spaces into opulent realms of elegance and sophistication. Posh Paragon's expertise in haute couture, fine dining, and exquisite décor ensures that every event exudes an air of luxury that leaves guests feeling pampered and privileged.


Victoria Braschler

Assistant Program Coordinator

Braschler-Victoria-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Epic Envisioner

Epic Envisioner possesses an extraordinary imagination, crafting events that transport attendees to different worlds. Through ingenious theming, mesmerizing decor, and captivating storytelling, she creates unforgettable experiences that linger in attendees' minds long after the event concludes.


Kailey Clipp

Assistant Program Coordinator

Clipp-Kailey-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Chill Dynamo

With a lighthearted and humorous demeanor, this superhero brings laughter and joy to those around her. Despite her funny and carefree nature, Chill Dynamo possesses an unwavering calmness that allows her to stay composed even in the most challenging situations. Her power lies in her ability to harness calm energy and channel it into extraordinary feats.


Hayley Frye

Assistant Program Coordinator

Frye-Hayley-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Detail Detective

Detail Detective ensures every event is organized and executed flawlessly, down to the smallest detail. Responsible for meticulously examining every aspect of a project to identify discrepancies, errors, or areas for improvement, this superhero thrives in a fast-paced, creative, and detail-oriented environment.


Raina Stroescu

Assistant Program Coordinator

Stroescu-Raina-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Cheerful Charmer

Cheerful Charmer radiates both charm and confidence while bringing a whole lot of laughter to the daily grind of 9-5. She brings a captivating blend of cheerfulness, charisma, and creativity to the office, making every workday an exciting adventure.


McKenzie Webb

Assistant Program Coordinator

Webb-McKenzie-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Adaptation Ace

Adaptation Ace thrives in ever-changing environments and embraces challenges head-on. With her ability to quickly pivot strategies and remain composed in the face of uncertainty, Adaptation Ace leads the team through any storm. This superhero's power lies in her resilience and agility, ensuring the team emerges stronger from any trial.


Jessica Yost

Accounting Assistant

Yost-Jessica-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Logistics Linker

Logistics Linker is a superhero whose power lies in seamlessly connecting and optimizing workflows between departments. This superhero's magic is evident in her strategic thinking and ability to bridge gaps in logistics. With a nimble touch, Logistics Linker fosters collaboration to ensure flawless precision from top to bottom.


Kristin Pratt

Event Services

Pratt-Kristin-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg

Ever-Ready Jester

Ever-Ready Jester enthusiastically accepts any task while infusing humor into her efforts. This superhero is the epitome of reliability and can always be counted on to save the day with her willingness to take on challenges with a smile and a comedic touch.


Jeff Rutledge

Graphic Designer

Rutledge-Jeff-1080x1080 72dpi Superheros.jpg


From behind the scenes, OtherMan works tirelessly with Infinite Imagination to create visually enriched and creatively empowered designs. OtherMan's superpower blends creativity, wit, and determination into creative design solutions.

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